A 13.2kw solar system for homes in Brisbane is becoming increasingly popular amongst Australian homes as a result of a number of factors, including their affordability, their size & ease of approval when it comes to connecting to the grid. If you’re considering a 13.2kw solar system for your home in Brisbane, the following things should be kept in mind like pricing, energy yields and their attractiveness as an investment.

How many panels are required in a 13.2kw solar system for a home in Brisbane? How much roof area required?

For 13.2 Kw solar system, we have laid out following details on number of panels and roof area.

Other factors to consider are depending on how your roof is laid out and whether you require tilt frames (which need to be spaced out more than panels mounted flush on the roof).

An important note about inverters for 13.2kw solar system for home in Brisbane

13.2kw solar system for homes in Brisbane are the latest systems.

Although a 13.2kw solar system for a home in Brisbane may have 13.2kw worth of solar panels, don’t be surprised if the proposed inverter for your system is only 10kw. 10kw solar systems are also incredibly popular in Australia for a number of reasons (including the fact that that size is pre-approved for grid connection on basically every network in the country), which means that 10kw inverters are much more common to come across. Many of the 13.2kw solar system for home in Brisbane on the market are therefore ‘overclocked’ systems with a 10kw inverter. This is perfectly legitimate within Clean Energy Council guidelines, with benefits such as greater solar energy yields in early morning and late afternoon – even if ‘peak’ production is clipped back to 10kw during the middle of the day.

How much does a 13.2kw solar system for a home in Brisbane cost?

The cost of such a 13.2kw solar system for a home in Brisbane, Queensland is around $6000-$6500 in year 2023 (inclusive of solar incentive) . Please keep in consideration that the cost may vary on different factors like distance from warehouse of installers, brand of solar panels and inverter, panel layout, roof type, single or double storey. It is good to take complimentary analysis and advice from our solar experts.

How much energy will a 13.2kw solar system for a home in Brisbane produce?

A 13.2kw solar system can produce approximately 50 KWH per day.

There are number of factors to keep in consideration :-

  • Location and local climate
  • Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel array
  • Whether there is any shade cast on the panels.
  • The performance of the individual components (primarily the panels and inverter)

Location is one of the main determinants of solar system energy yields, as the amount of sunshine falling on a solar system’s solar panels directly affects the system’s output.

10kw vs 13kw solar system
System comparison10kw13kw
Number of panels (415w)2532
Inverter Size10kw10kw
Approximate roof area (in sq feet) required645830
Average daily power generation40 kWh50kWh
Price Range 2023 (Trina + Growatt) 3 phase53996199