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A key guide on how to choose the right solar panels

A key guide on how to choose the right solar panels for your home is to consider the cost of the solar panel. However, it shouldn’t be the one and only factor to be considered, since the least expensive panel might not be the most efficient and probably not the best option if you consider the long term. How to choose solar panels can be risky but, they have a long lifespan (more than 30 years), so it is more important to ensure a good quality system than choosing the cheapest option. Here are some important things to keep in mind while comparing your solar panel options –

  • When choosing your solar panel supplier it is wise to check the companies’ reviews or history and see what experiences clients had with each of them. Since you will make a big investment, it is important to do a bit of research and see if clients are satisfied with the product and the customer service, and if the company did all that it has promised.
  • Are the panels tier one? Solar panel manufacturers are ranked into 3 tiers. Tier 1 are the big brands with a good reputation for quality and performance. If you are building a large-scale solar power station, your investors won’t go near you unless you use solar panels from a Tier 1 company. Getting a panel from a Tier 1 manufacturer is pretty low risk.
  • Another factor to consider when choosing a solar panel is to consider the Temperature Coefficient of the solar panel. This refers to the impact that heat has on a solar panel’s operational efficiency after installation. Since solar panel overheating accelerates their ageing, the lower the percentage per degree Celsius, the better.
  • Another important factor to consider is the durability of the solar panel. This could be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. Usually, solar panels have a 25 year warranty (as long as the company operates). If the manufacturer does not offer a long warranty period, you could suspect that their product is not very good and hence they don’t want to take any responsibility. In this case, be careful not to be misled by a tempting price since you might regret it in the long term.
  • When choosing a solar panel for your home, it is also important to take into account the physical size and the size in Watts of the solar panel. You should make sure to install a solar panel system that is big enough to power all your appliances, and also that you have the space required to install it. The physical size of the panel will vary depending on how powerful the system is (the more Watts, the bigger) and the type of solar cells used to build the panel.

You may not be able to afford solar panels out of pocket right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of installing a solar power system. Many solar installers across Australia offer interest-free finance options where you pay for your system in small monthly instalments starting with very low booking deposits to confirm your booking. SunMate Solar offers an obligation-free solar quote and interest free payment plan options.

Installing a solar power system not only helps you to save on your energy bills but also contributes towards saving the planet while simultaneously increasing the property value. It is now more favourable than ever to join thousands of Australian homeowners who have made the switch to solar and have saved thousands of dollars on their energy bills.

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