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The discovery of solar energy and the ability to convert this abundant source of energy into usable power has led to a tremendous decrease in the greenhouse emissions across Australia over the recent years. With the developments made in solar technology, the production and manufacturing costs for solar panels have significantly decreased over the years making the installation of solar panels extremely affordable for a larger population. Government introduced incentives play a vital role in encouraging a larger population in going solar.

One very unique feature of a solar power system that makes this energy source extremely beneficial is that it has zero energy-production costs. Solar energy only requires the availability of the Sun for it to generate power which makes its maintenance and energy production costs practically zero. The only cost associated with the use of solar energy is the manufacture and installation of the components. Installing solar panels therefore only require an up-front investment essentially. Despite the large initial investment, there are no additional costs associated with the use of a solar power system, so the installation cost is recovered fairly quickly. Solar power systems therefore make an extremely wise financial investment.

Installing solar panels on the roof is a fairly easy and simple process with the presence of highly skilled and licenced solar installers across Australia. Solar panels can be installed almost anywhere, taking advantage of both vertical and horizontal spaces. Solar powered systems are especially helpful in giving you a freedom from having to rely on the grid for your power needs particularly in case of power outages or for providing electricity in remote locations, where the cost of installing electrical distribution lines is too high or unfeasible. The production of solar energy by using this abundant power source in the form of sunlight significantly reduces costs, because it is an inexhaustible source of energy that isn’t subject to market fluctuations and the ever increasing prices of electricity. Although installing solar panels requires a significant initial investment, this is offset by the rapid amortisation of the investment. It is very important to note that solar energy is an unlimited and continuous source of energy that doesn’t require any additional maintenance or usage costs, thus ensuring a remarkable return on your investment given that you install the correct system size for your home.

The latest technological advances made in the solar industry have led to a significant drop in the prices of the components required to manufacture solar panels, which has consequently made the installation of a solar power system more efficient and affordable.

It is abundantly clear now that solar energy is an unlimited renewable energy source that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions or other harmful pollutants like other traditional sources of power like coal, etc. This is because the generation of solar power does not consume fuel or require other resources, such as water or wind. These factors make solar energy and the use of solar panels to generate your own power extremely beneficial for the environment.

Grid-connected solar PV systems are extremely east to maintain. The solar panels once installed on your roof only require occasional cleaning and a regular health-check by a licensed electrical contractor and should end up lasting you for around 25 years. A solar inverter will likely last a period of 10 years after which it may need to be replaced.

The benefits and the return on investment that a solar power system provides makes it an obvious solution to the increasing electricity prices and the impact of using non-renewable sources of power to generate electricity.

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