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Solar Power: A solid investment for 2022

Western Australia experienced the cheapest prices for solar power systems in Australia during July 2022 – and by quite a margin. As the price of electricity increases for much of Australia, there continues to be an elevated interest in getting solar panels installed by Australian homeowners and businesses. This is likely to continue as households start getting power bills with these price increases factored in. For households who have still held back from making this transition to solar power, the next few months may come as a shock given comparatively lower winter heating costs to the higher bills in summer from air-conditioning which isn’t too far away.

As Australia becomes more conscious about renewable energy sources, solar energy has gained much traction and popularity. However, with so many trendy investment opportunities available these days, it’s hard to know if investing in something is really going to “save you lots of money.” The question then arises for all the new interested solar buyers- do solar panels really help save money? Is solar worth it? How much should a solar installation cost?

Good quality solar systems may be more expensive at the moment than a year ago, but generating your own electricity with the help of a solar power system from your rooftop remains to be a solid investment. Putting off that decision only makes higher electricity bills inevitable.

Installing solar panels helps you save money by reducing your electricity bill by cutting down the amount of energy you need to take from the power grid. Solar panels give you the ability to save money by creating a natural source of energy that has the ability to power your home, get you hot water and heat your pool. If you’re looking to increase your savings with a solar power system, it really comes down to a few key factors:

  • Direct hours of sunlight
  • Local electricity rates
  • The size of your pool

It is important to consider all the benefits of installing a solar power system for your home as it does require a considerably high upfront investment. Residential solar panels not only help you reduce your carbon footprint, they help you save money on your electricity bills as well. Rebates and incentives set in place by the government to encourage the transition to renewable sources of power like the feed in tariff can help you save even more and make installing solar panels even more beneficial.

In conclusion, solar panels and a solar power system will save you money and have proven to give a return on your investment in no time. Rising property values, lowered utility costs and the government rebates on solar all ease the upfront costs of installing solar panels. Since the price of energy isn’t dropping, investing in solar energy is the smart move to save money, with the added bonus of substantially lowering your carbon footprint!

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