You are currently viewing Residential Solar Systems – Renewable & Cost Effective Energy Solution For Households!

Residential Solar Systems – Renewable & Cost Effective Energy Solution For Households!

Sun is the biggest source of energy in the universe. The energy provided for one hour by the sun to the earth is enough to meet the whole world’s one-year energy need.

Although every one of us is aware of the sun being the biggest energy source, we fail to collect even a fraction of the solar power. Deciding to get a solar power system can prove to be a significant step to harness this energy and make a radical difference towards the earth.

Being a market leader of solar systems in Australia, Sunmate Solar Pty Ltd strives to fulfill solar systems requirements for households in the best way.

Solar power trends in Australia

From domestic to commercial buildings, solar power has already secured its indispensable place in Australia. Home solar power systems have got their place on the rooftops of residential buildings as the advantages of these systems are well-established among the Australian population.

As per Energy Transition Index 2019 published by World Economic Forum, Australia secured 43rd rank among 115 nations. The finding concentrates on the improvement rates of energy performance for various countries and the inclination to adopt sustainable energy.

In this report, Australia was among the leading economies ranked outside the top 25 percent of nations.

Talking specifically about home solar power systems, 2 million families reside in Australia that have chosen home solar power systems in 2018. And by 2025, the renewable capacity is likely to increase by 50%.

If you plan to get a home solar power system lately, first figure out how they work. Knowing the actual mechanism of solar power systems will help you gain the maximum benefit from this system.

How residential solar systems work & benefit consumers-

The solar power systems derive clean, uncontaminated power from the sun. For managing greenhouse gas releases and lessening combined fossil fuel dependence, the solar modules are installed. At present, home solar power systems used in Australia are categorized into three types, namely –

  • Grid-connected solar systems
  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Hybrid solar systems

The mainstream Australian households prefer grid-connected home solar systems with no solar battery. If you have no idea about solar systems, then no worries any more as Sunmate Solar is ready to assist you right here.

We will help you decide the most efficient solar system for your home and learn how home solar power systems work.

Residential solar power systems save on energy bills –

You might have heard solar power systems be a money saver energy solution, but do you know how they do that. The investment in home solar panel systems is indeed worthwhile because it trims down electricity bills and saves money for households. The difference in energy bills comes because –

Residential solar power systems offset energy consumption –

Typically, a household may assume to offset energy usage up to 70 percent maximum using the home’s solar system. But it depends on the amount of electricity usage during the daytime by them. With a battery storage solution, this percentage may go up to 100 percent.

Sunmate Solar is one of the most trusted Australian Solar system providers of the time. To meet every unique need of different households in Australia, we provide customized home solar solutions countrywide and contribute to the green environment.

From installation to buy a new home solar power system, you can contact Sunmate Solar right from your handy device and book the appointment!

Extra energy production pays back with feed-in tariff –

Feed-in tariff or clean energy cashback is a method to compensate households/people who produce extra energy using solar power systems.

The natural energy source – the sun determines the volume of energy produced by a solar system. At times, surplus power is developed, and that can be vended back for a tariff rate in the form of the feed-in tariff. Depending on the state you reside in and the electricity retailer you are associated with, there will be a variation in feed-in tariffs.

Increase solar energy self-consumption & reduce energy bills –

By putting on a timer on most of your household appliances, you can increase the self-consumption of solar energy. This increased consumption will lead to reduced energy bills, which means a lot of savings.

Buying home solar power systems from Sunmate Solar can make your decision even wiser. Our solar system specialists provide expert consultation on customized solar power solutions that meet every need precisely.

Why Australian households rely on Sunmate Solar exclusively –

Sunmate Solar is a recognized name among the best solar system providers in Australia. With more than ten years of experience, our home solar power systems have become the best energy solution for hundreds of Australian households.

Unlike other solar companies, we do not recommend anything randomly to our customers. We first evaluate our customers’ home energy needs and then present the most apt solar power system that fits their budget and requirements.

So, when you choose Sunmate Solar as your residential solar power system provider, you get a guarantee of the most adequate functionality with the maximum savings on energy bills. Having more questions relating to the solar system? Let our experts resolve your concerns right away!