Fronius is a leading inverter brand that is manufactured in Austria and made its first appearance in Australia in the early 2000’s. This article aims to provide an insight into the origin of the company and their performance over the years. After analysing this review you can decide if it’s worth paying the price for this particular inverter brand. This analysis covers the Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo and Fronius Symo Hybrid inverters.

About the company

Fronius is a reputable Austrian company that released its first inverter in 1994. The roots of this company go back to a simple one-man operation back in 1945, Fronius has grown to become an integral part of the industrial landscape and is now considered as one of the leading Inverter manufacturers in the world, with more than half a million inverters installed in Australia.

What are the benefits of Fronius Inverters?

Fronius Inverters are recognised as one of the highest performing inverters. The advanced technology and sheer quality of the innovative products from Fronius has yielded this company the reputation of a global leader in innovation and technology with higher rate of self- consumption, intelligent control of energy flows and limiting energy export to the grid. Fronius is known for its reliability and high quality products across the globe.

Is Fronius Inverters worth buying?

Fronius is certainly a premium product, and that is clearly reflected in the price when compared to some of the other brands available in the market. The question then arises whether or not you get your money’s worth with this inverter brand. Being one of the most reputable companies, Fronius maintains high standards for manufacturing and offers products with impressive sustainable technology.

As a consumer, some of the factors to consider when choosing the right inverter for for your solar system are –

  • Warranty – By Default, all Fronius inverters come with a 5-year standard Warranty. They do however offer a free extended warranty for five more years that only covers the parts which can be claimed through their website. You need to buy the additional warranty for the system.
  • Aesthetic appearance – Fronius is comparatively bigger and heavier compared to some of the other inverter brands that have a sleeker look.
  • Noise – Most inverters depend on heat sink technology to keep the inverter cool while Fronius depends on a fan-based cooling system that is noisy. This inverter tends to be very noisy at peak solar production hours due to the Fan. The noise can go up to 55 decibels during peak production so you would not want it next to your bedroom or your living area.

Is the Fronius Solar Inverter suitable for Australia?

All the Fronius Inverters have been certified by the Clean Energy Council after being tested in acute environmental conditions. This inverter brand is quite durable and can withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Fronius Primo is a market leading inverter which thrives in the severe climate of Australia and is one of the bestselling inverters in Australia.

What if your roof is not the most ideal in terms of receiving sunlight?

There’s nothing worse than making the investment into solar energy solutions, only to realise your roof does not even receive enough sunlight throughout the day! While this issue caused by shading does not entirely negate the effects of solar panels, it does significantly reduce their efficiency. If your roof is likely to get shaded for multiple hours throughout the day, you may consider panel optimisers. Combined with Half Cell solar panels, optimisers work to reduce the impact of shading. This means that if a single panel is shaded, the overall string performance will not be affected. Fronius does not sell their own brand of solar panel optimiser but can work with others available in the market.

Inverter Cost Analysis: Is the Fronius inverter worth the price?

When deciding to invest in a solar power system, customers should always consider the performance, warranty and pay-back period of an inverter before closing the deal. While the Fronius inverters are more expensive than most of their counterparts, you do get what you pay for. The outstanding performance and reliability of these inverters means that you will be getting more efficiency and power for your dollar. This increased efficiency means a shorter payoff period for your initial investment.

In addition to these factors, warranty reliability should always be considered when deciding upon an inverter brand. Even if the warranty is only for 5 years, the reliability of the Fronius brand means you can stay rest assured your investment is safe. However, it is important to keep in mind that even though the warranty is extendable for this inverter, it is only for the parts. All other costs like labour, etc after the first five years should be borne by the customer. This cost includes the amount charged by the installer and freight charges to and from the Fronius factory. This can cost around $500 if the inverter fails after 5 years during the extended warranty period. Nevertheless, Fronius inverters provide reliability and stability which makes up for the higher cost.

Can Fronius back their warranty?

All Fronius inverters come with five years of Fronius Warranty Plus as standard. For a limited time, users can claim an additional five years of Fronius Warranty for free upon registration in Fronius Solar.web. For security beyond the duration of your “5 Plus 5” year warranty, you can extend the warranty duration fee-based up to 15 years, for a total of 15 years peace of mind. For your maximum flexibility, Fronius offers two warranty levels:


The economic way to hedge against risks. In warranty cases, Fronius bears the costs of material.


For comprehensive coverage. In warranty cases, Fronius bears additionally to the costs of material, the transportation costs (within Australia) and a service reimbursement.

A good warranty makes a world of difference to customers. While some premium solar products may cost more upfront, this early investment can often help buyers save massively over a period of time. Low-end, discount products without good warranties can feel like a serious mistake when issues appear a few years later. Fronius provides premium products which are backed by a company with a great international reputation.

Fronius Inverter Review | The Conclusion

In conclusion, we can note that the Fronius Inverter is a premium solar inverter option with outstanding performance and excellent features. Fronius as a brand is well established in the solar industry and has a remarkable record of producing high quality solar solutions across the globe.

Some of the cons of this brand which makes it fall short of overall five star rating is the higher cost, shorter warranty and the issue with noise for which people have complained in the past. This is however a premium product with a premium price tag, so if affordability is your top priority then the Fronius Inverter may not be right for you. Keep in mind, in spite of the higher price, the warranty period is not so impressive either.

Although the cost may be too high for some potential buyers, the reputation of the company means that they are reliable. This reliability combined with the quality performance of their inverter and the added features on their system means a Fronius Inverter is a smart investment.

In the end, it is best to do your research on the pros and cons of any brand you are considering and only then make a decision.