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Is it worth going Solar in 2022

Solar has colossal power as an abundant source of clean and renewable energy to build a brighter future for the world. Solar power does not release toxins that could hurt the environment as traditional fossil fuel sources do. Solar panels generate electricity using the most natural resource, sunlight, which is freely and bountifully available to us.

By choosing solar you will not only save money on energy bills but also benefit the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You will use and encourage the use of clean energy that does not pollute the air and water.

Let us discuss why going solar is beneficial in more ways than one.

Why you should consider going solar

1) Environment-Friendly

The conventional power resources that are fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, coal, etc. emit carbon dioxide, methane, and other harmful toxins into the environment making it unhealthy for living beings. Solar energy on the other hand is clean renewable energy that does not release pollutants into the environment.

2) Inexpensive source of energy

When you compare solar panels to other fuel-backed sources of energy, solar is easier and less expensive to maintain. Is it not troublesome, uncertain as well as costly to refuel generators powered by gas and diesel?

3) Savings on electricity bills

Utility companies continue to inflate electricity prices. By installing solar panels you can generate and use your own electricity and pay lesser energy bills. Sometimes, depending upon how much you are producing and using, you can even completely eliminate electricity bills by selling back to the grid (feed-in-tariff as applicable in your state).

4) Return on Investment

At the time of getting solar quotes from the top solar companies and trying to ascertain the best solar company in Australia, the initial cost of installing solar may seem high. But commonly homeowners who decide to turn to solar energy get a high return on their investment as the solar system pays back its cost in the first 5 to 10 years sometimes even lesser; while the system is going to continue to save on your electricity bills for about 25 years. (The payback period may vary due to the power usage, property location, and roof direction). This kind of low-risk profile makes solar a stupendous investment opportunity, way better than stocks and shares.

5) Government Solar Rebates

You must be aware that the Australian Govt grants solar subsidies for the installation of solar panels which reduces the cost of purchasing panels significantly. (Even thereafter the solar panels can save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the system). The purpose to extend this incentive is to encourage the population to use clean energy, benefit the environment, and protect our communities.

6) Prices have dropped

The prices of solar panel systems have fallen considerably over the years making solar energy increasingly accessible and affordable for more people. In addition to this, more financing options are now available to add flexibility and ease in purchasing solar panel systems.

7) Battery Storage

While solar panels generate electricity from sunlight during the day, battery storage allows storing surplus energy to use later i.e. night and at the time of power outage.

As many Australians love to use caravans, solar panel installation on caravans gives the user freedom from dependence on the grid. They can produce their own power with caravan solar installation and also store power (charge) their leisure batteries to have the appliances like the fridge, tv, and kettles running at night. With solar panel installation on caravans, people don’t have to fret about running out of power anymore.

8) If you love your pool

If you love the swimming pool and want to extend the ‘summer’, going for solar panels for heating the pool is the most economical and convenient way. While the cost of the solar pool heaters would depend upon the size of the pool and the number of people who will use it, investment in a solar pool heater is worth making due to the savings and the payback it is going to bring. Solar pool heaters are easy to maintain, reliable, and long-lasting. You can depend on them to work effectively for a decade maintenance-free.

9) Infinite source of energy

Solar energy is inexhaustible and is available in massive abundance. Therefore, investing in solar makes you free of care for power supply as you are making your own electricity for about three decades by investing now.

10) Long-lasting

Solar products are built to perform for about 25 to 30 years. Other fuel-powered sources of energy do not have such a long lifespan

11) Sound Investment

So we have seen through the above discussion that you can save a great deal of money with solar. Solar installation is also proven to add a significant increase to the value of your property. With solar panels installed, your property can sell much faster should you wish to sell in the future.


It may look like the Government incentives are not as lavish as they once were, but the increasing electricity prices, the drop in the costs of solar systems, and the return on investment, all make investing in solar a smart decision. Whether a solar pool heater is your thing or you are a lover of caravans, solar installation in will prove fruitful for your pocket.

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