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Is Fronius Inverter A Good Choice

You are going through the reviews of the top solar companies in Australia and are looking to select the best according to your needs. I’m sure you have read some Fronius inverter reviews in Australia online, and have also heard from word of mouth about their popularity. 

Before we discuss why the Fronius brand is one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the solar world, let us first take a look at why it is important to go for a high-quality inverter.

So whether you are considering residential or commercial solar panel installation costs, one vital point to bear in mind before booking is the longevity of the system, which to a great extent, depends upon the quality of the inverter installed. If the inverter fails, the entire system fails.

Whatever kind of inverter you choose, String, Hybrid or Microinverter, how long the system shall last you depends upon the brand of the inverter you choose and obviously which is why you are doing all the research.

So as said, the inverter is the heart of the solar system, and chasing the best solar panel brands in Australia, alone won’t ensure you will have the most successful system installed, unless a reliable inverter backs the system. You must have already heard a good word about the Fronius brand as well as read Fronius inverter reviews in Australia as it is one of the reputed brands in the Australian market.

Let me share some things about the brand that the Fronius inverter reviews, Australia, would not elaborate.

Why Fronius inverter is a good choice

  1. Fronius is an international inverter company that was founded in Austria, Europe in 1945, (that operates their office in Australia from Victoria). They began as a small shop selling electrical equipment back then after which they started manufacturing battery chargers and welding transformers. In the year 1995, they entered the European solar market and ever since have been one of the biggies in inverter products worldwide.
  2. With about three decades of experience and expertise in the field, Fronius makes world-class inverter products and thus has been a dominant brand in solar inverters in Australia, which is well-trusted to provide long-lasting solar products. The Fronius inverters are often compared to SMA inverters, one of the most reliable names in string inverters, in terms of quality and reputation in the solar industry.
  3. They come with 2 solar inputs (2 MPPTs) and their competence is well known.
  4. Export Limit is easy to set on the Fronius inverters by using the Fronius smart meter (FSM). It is an accessory that facilitates complete consumption monitoring on the system site.
  5. Fronius inverters come with a warranty of 5+5 years. This means that the customer receives a warranty of 5 years with the purchase however can register at their website to extend the warranty to 10 years, free of cost. Should there be an issue with the inverter, the company replaces the inverter if it is a warranty-related matter.


Fronius is a high-quality, dependable inverter brand in the solar domain. These inverters are easy to put an export limit on, are user-friendly, and give the user full consumption monitoring. The 2 MPPT i.e. two solar inputs feature on these string inverters works very efficiently to maximize energy production.

The only con of these inverters is that they are noisy because they are fan-cooled. However, this con could be managed by installing the inverter away from living areas.

Thus, we can conclude that Fronius is a great choice for a  non-China-made string inverter in Australia to install at homes and commercial properties as a hassle-free, clean energy solution.

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