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If you are one of those people who have had a taste of energy independence with the help of the installation of solar panels on the roof of your home or business, then it is time you begin considering going a step further with the installation of a solar battery to experience this freedom from the grid at a higher level. As the world of solar technology continues to undergo rapid developments and advancements, solar batteries are gaining rapid popularity across Australia.

Over the recent years as a larger Australian population has decided to go green with the installation of solar panels, the benefits of creating your own source of energy have become more commonly known and experienced. Adding a solar battery storage system is a great way to maximise the benefits of the power generated by your solar panels and to utilize all the power your system generates throughout the day to completely bring down your electricity bills.

Solar batteries are especially helpful in giving you the independence from relying on the grid for your energy needs as all the extra power produced by your solar system throughout the day can be stored by the solar battery to be used at night. It is also an excellent source of backup power in case of any power cuts, etc. thus increasing your energy independence from the grid and their ever increasing prices. With the help of solar batteries you can save even more on your quarterly electricity bills because you can keep drawing power from your solar battery instead of relying on the grid for your energy needs. Therefore, installing a solar power system along with a solar battery is an extremely wise decision.

As enquiries for solar batteries have noticeably increased in the recent months, it has also made known the large investment demanded by the addition of this solar technology. It is very apparent that solar battery systems come at a hefty investment due to a lack of government rebates on them in most areas across Australia, a very important factor that has made installation of solar panels and inverters more affordable for the general population. If you do not have a very flexible budget to begin with and if you’re only looking to save money on your electricity bill, installing a solar battery might not be the right choice for you, especially if your region has not introduced rebates on solar batteries yet. However, if you live in an area that experiences frequent widespread blackouts and has unfavourable feed in tariff rates then having a solar battery to store energy for when you need it will prove to be extremely beneficial.

As the technology for solar battery is developed more, the price of solar battery technology consequently continues to fall. The advancements made in this field of the solar industry will eventually make solar battery storage affordable for a wider population.

It is very important to do your research before deciding on a solar battery. There are a vast range of options available in Australia for solar batteries and it is crucial to contact multiple reputable solar battery storage installers to ensure that you get the highest quality installation at the best possible price.

The price of most residential solar battery installations cost between $7,000 and $14,000 when using lithium-ion batteries. The actual price of a solar battery installation in Australia depends on the manufacturer, chemistry, number of batteries installed, necessary electrical upgrades, labour charges, and incentives or rebates if any are available. The installation of solar batteries along with the solar power system will prove to be even more beneficial for locations across Australia that experience frequent power outages and don’t have access to attractive feed in tariff rates.

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