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Is a 6.6kw system enough for me?

Solar is indeed an excellent way to reduce energy bills by generating your own electricity. More people are looking at buying a 6.6kw system as it matches their budget and roof size. However, the initial high spend makes them want to be double-sure that they are investing in the correct system size.

The 6.6kw system size is the perfect choice for most households that want an economical energy solution. For residential solar systems without a storage battery, this system size provides enough power to run most homes in Australia. Therefore, getting a 6.6kw system in Brisbane looks like the new sweet spot.

Is the 6.6kw system for me?

1) How much does it save?

So talking roughly, a 6.6kw system saves a household about $500 to $600 every quarter. That makes it a saving of $2000 every year. With the right consumption monitoring, you can manage using most power during the daytime to affect maximum savings on your power bills. The summer season can save you even more as the sun is abundant and days are longer.

2)  How much does it produce?

On an average sunny day in Brisbane, a 6.6kw system would produce about 24kw to 26kw. This amount of energy roughly satisfies all the electrical appliances generally used in a medium-family home. The output generated by a system also depends upon factors like shadows from trees, weather and climate, and the direction and location of the property.

3) How many panels are needed?

The 6.6kw system is a dynamic home solar solution for most families in Brisbane. If you are going for 330w panels, you will need 20 panels and if you choose 370w panels then about 18 panels will go on your roof. For smaller roof areas, Hyundai 390w solar panels are advised and a 6.6kw system would need about 17 of them.

4) How much roof space is required?

The city of Brisbane gets ample sunlight and certainly, a 6.6kw system can be really beneficial for every home provided you have the roof space for it. The dimension of a 330w solar panel is 1.675m x 1m. For 20 such panels, you will need a roof space of 33sqm. But you need to take some extra space for working the wiring and the racking. Therefore, you will require about 40sqm of roof area to install a 6.6kw system in a Brisbane home.

5) How much will it cost?

While the Govt rebates are reducing every year, it is still a profitable decision to invest in solar as the system prices are going down every year as well. Also, the prices of grid electricity are always on the rise. Going solar ensures huge savings on your energy bills right from the get-go.  The benefits of solar begin coming in as soon as you install it.

The cost of a 6.6kw system in Brisbane will be approximately between $3500 and $5000 fully installed. The installation could cost a little extra if the property is a multi-story building or has a tiled roof (owing to the extra labor and equipment used).

The total cost will also differ for different panel and inverter brands.

6) What is the payback period?

The electricity prices in the capital are seeing a perpetual increase. People want to take advantage of the Govt’s solar incentives which still prevail making solar a lucrative investment. While the payback period is dependent upon certain factors like the total output and consumption patterns, a standard 6.6kw system in a Brisbane home pays back its cost in about 3 to 4 years’ time.  To speed up the payback of your system, you can use more power from the solar than the grid. It reduces your power bills considerably and maximizes your overall savings.


A 6.6kw system for your home provides a high energy output and return on your investment. Hence it is an ideal choice for maximum savings through generating your own renewable energy.

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