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Importance of Solar Energy

The popularity of solar power continues to grow across Australia as awareness about solar energy as a major renewable energy source gains momentum. Solar energy derived through a solar power system and using it to power our home appliances rather than relying on non-renewable energy sources has the potential to meet many of the challenges facing the world today in terms of the limited resources available to mankind. There are many reasons to promote the installation of solar power systems for your home or business. This power source is increasing in popularity because it is versatile with many benefits to people and the environment.

  • Installing a solar PV system for your roof can prove to be extremely beneficial for the environment as a whole

The amount of sunlight received by earth in one hour is more than the total energy used by the entire world for an entire year! In 2015, solar energy was the fastest growing energy sector with a 33% rise according to Bloomberg. The environmental advantages are the main drivers in promoting solar energy and the widespread demand for a Solar PV system across Australia.

  • Although installing a solar power system can require a high investment initially, the return on investment of going solar is highly valuable

Solar not only gives a high ROI financially, but is also environmentally sustainable at the same time. With every passing year, installing a solar power system has become more accessible for home and business owners as people learn its many benefits, and as the cost of installation of a solar PV system decreases.

  • Solar energy refers to the energy generated by the Sun’s light

 Solar power or solar energy is also referred as photovoltaic energy and is an inexhaustible and renewable source of power, since it is derived directly from the abundant sunlight we receive.

  • The developments made in the field of solar technology is one of the most important innovations made to help make the earth a cleaner and greener space

Photovoltaic solar cells present on solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect, by which certain materials are able to absorb photons which are light particles falling from the Sun and liberate electrons which consequently generates an electric current.

Installing a solar power system is a great alternative to traditional sources of energy and has the potential to completely replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas for generation of electricity that produce air, water, and land pollution. Using fossil fuels as a source of power causes pollution of air leading to acid rain, damaged forest areas, and affects agricultural production leading to loss of billions of dollars worldwide. By switching to solar energy with the installation of a solar power system will eliminate these harmful consequences from using conventional fossil fuels.

Installing a solar power system and decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels can actually help reverse the current challenge with climate change. Climate change has led to an increase in flooding and hurricanes due to disturbed weather patterns. Higher carbon dioxide concentration is making oceans acidic and killing marine life, like corals. Climate change causes extinct of species from Sub-Arctic Boreal forests to tropical Amazon forests. Higher temperatures result melting of polar ice caps, reducing habitats for wildlife and also increase sea level. This results in submersion and loss of land along the coast, displacing people. Irregular rainfall or increasing droughts affects agriculture and livelihoods of the weaker sections of society globally.

By switching to solar power for your home or business, you can help contribute towards a lowered carbon footprint. The installation of solar panels can restrict climate change as it produces no carbon emissions.

One of the most tangible advantages of installing a solar power system is that it can be produced on a small scale directly by the end consumers in contrast to large centralized conventional energy sources controlled by large corporations.

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