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How to determine the best solar panels for homes

Are you a homeowner who is pondering which solar panels to choose as going through the ranking lists of the best solar panels in Australia in 2022…

With the solar industry continually innovating and bringing forth cutting-edge technology in their solar cells and solar module components, there is a perpetual shuffling in their ranking. This leaves the homeowner who wants to get a solar system for their property in a dilemma to choose the right panel brand.

Especially because we do not know what factors are responsible for the ranking. So in this article, we shall discuss the factors which are usually taken into consideration to determine the best ranking panels for most lists.

Factors that determine the best solar panel brands in Australia

Maximum Productivity

Till about a decade ago, the maximum a solar panel could yield was 100w whereas nowadays 300w to 400w production per solar panel is the standard expectation for residential solar systems. That way a fewer number of panels can be used to achieve maximum output with a lesser effort of installation, maintenance, and overall cost. The best solar panel brands in Australia in 2022, compete to be on the top 10 list based on this very vital measure as also some other factors. Maximum productivity is a standard based on which we can rate how efficient a solar panel is in generating electricity from sunlight. The higher the efficiency of the solar panels, the more avant-garde the technology is.


When a manufacturer is confident in their product’s performance and quality, then only can they offer a lengthy product and performance warranty. Therefore, the length of the warranty on the solar panels acts as a very good criterion to determine their longevity. We know that solar panels come with two kinds of warranty on them: the product warranty and the performance warranty.

The performance warranty guarantees that the panels will continue to produce a minimum amount of percentage of the panels’ overall expected output by the end of their life which is generally 25 years. As with all appliances, the productivity of solar panels with decline over the years. But the rate at which they will depreciate depends upon the quality of the panels.

The product warranty on the other hand takes care of any manufacturing defects in the product. Usually, we can see that all panel brands provide a minimum of 10 years of product warranty.


We know that the efficacy of solar panels will degrade over time. We discussed earlier that the performance warranty takes care of this. Developments and innovations in the solar industry have enabled manufacturers to produce stronger and more durable solar panels that can continue to give efficient production though diminishing by the end of their lifespan. The panels are high in quality if their rate of degradation is low.

Tier 1

Another crucial scale to determine the better/best solar panels is the Bloomberg tier 1 ranking.

So you are impressed to see a long warranty on the panels but how can you be certain that the manufacturers will be in business for all the warranty years? This is where this ranking helps you. While this ranking does not take into consideration the quality of the panels, it does tell you about the manufacturer’s bankability. This is of paramount concern to a buyer as the business needs to be around for the warranty period to honor its warranty promises.


So usually, the points mentioned above determine why a solar panel brand makes it to the top 10 ranking list. However, there are certain points that this list does not consider – Factors like the cost of the panels, the technology panels are based on, how they fare in extreme temperatures, and their country of origin. For these comparisons, you could consider other specific lists.

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