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How do I select the best solar quote?

Congratulations on your decision to install solar to save on your energy bills as well as save the environment!

You must have gone through various online reviews for the top solar panel and inverter brands, and sought solar quotes from the best solar companies in Australia. After receiving a number of solar quotes people are often in a dilemma about which company to choose.

How to select the right solar quote

1) Right System Size Recommendation

 Most Australian households are recommended to get a 6.6kw solar. Approximately 18 panels are required for this system which is well supported by a 5kw solar inverter (as most homes are on a single-phase connection). However, if you are going to add an electric car to your household in the coming years, you can go for a bigger solar system than a 6.6kw, provided your roof has room to accommodate more panels.

If you are looking to install solar for a commercial undertaking, the system size must be bigger to support the electrical consumption for all the appliances on your property. Commercial solar panels are bigger in capacity, size, and weight and thus cost more than residential ones.

2) Panel and inverter brands

So after discerning what system size is best suited to your needs, and considering recommendations from the top solar companies in Australia who have also sent you their quotes, you should now give weight to choosing the right product brands to make sure you invest in a reliable, long-lasting system. In the Australian solar market, there are various premium brands and there are value-for-money budget brands. All top solar panel brands and inverter brands offer lengthy performance and product warranties that cover most issues that could be faced with the products’ built and output performance over the span of their life. Customers get a hassle-free solar experience with premium brands as they are high quality and low-maintenance. Top brands may seem costly initially but this kind of investment is imperative to ensure the smooth functioning of the solar system for decades.

3) Roof Analysis

The direction of your property’s roof and the angle at which your solar panels will be set, determine how much sunlight your panels will get and hence determine the output generated by your system. An east-facing roof will produce more in the mornings (as the sun rises in the east). West-facing panels will get more sun in the late afternoon so that is when they will be the most productive. The north-faced roof however is the most preferred in the continent as panels here will generate maximum power overall.

Even if you do not have the ideal north-facing roof, and your panels are east or west-faced, an excellent solar energy harvest can be achieved by your system.

While some solar companies might decline to install on a south-pitched roof, tilts can be used to angle panels to the north and solar power can be harnessed on a south-faced roof too, proving a good return on investment in the years to follow.

After having discussed the importance of the roof direction for achieving maximum output from a solar system, it is also critical to estimate whether or not the proposed system size would fit your roof space. The companies that send you solar quotes must also analyze your roof (through google maps) and send you a layout plan to fit the maximum number of panels (for example, 18 for a 6.6kw system) with the best orientation (usually portrait).

4) Professional installation is vital

Investing in the top panel brands with the best solar company in Australia will not guarantee you the return on investment you are intending to achieve by going solar if you get a poor installation done. When you receive the best solar quotes in Australia, consider only reliable companies which employ CEC licensed installers to do the installations. That way you are ensuring that you get an expert to do a professional job for you to relax for decades and enjoy the benefits of such a big investment.


When you receive solar quotes, consider with care the system size recommendations and what suits your needs best. Then compare the products’ brands, cost, quality, and most importantly the warranties. The next step before booking is getting your roof analyzed by a professional to ascertain if it is suitable for maximum power generation and also if the proposed number of panels fits your roof size. Lastly and most critically consider only the companies who have CEC accredited installers to do the installation. Taking care of these points will surely help you select the best quote.

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