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The primary benefits of installing a solar powered system are relatively commonly known which can be noticed by the substantial increase in solar power installations across Australia. The main reason that most individuals go solar is for the financial benefits, government rebates, reducing carbon emissions and the tax breaks, all of which are great reasons to adopt solar for your residential or commercial property. However, many less commonly known benefits can be the deciding factor for many homeowners to go solar. This blog discovers these additional “hidden” reasons why adopting solar may benefit you exponentially.

1. Lower Electricity Rate Escalations

Getting a Solar powered system for your home means that you are less dependent on electricity rate escalation as you are relying on your system to power your home rather than the grid. By reducing the strain on the electrical grid, solar energy has helped both homeowners with and without solar keep rate hikes at bay.

Solar panels generate the most electricity when the grid is under the most strain, during the summer with lots of sunlight. Summertime is a fantastic time to go solar because of the use of air conditioners.

2. Provides Local Jobs for the Service and Energy Industry

The adoption of solar energy by homeowners and commercial properties across Australia leads to job creation to meet the growing demand for renewable energy for the labour needed to do the solar panel installation to improve the solar cell technology. This has led to more jobs for Australian workers and more businesses and investments coming to fruition.

This means that if you support a local solar company near you, you can help promote Australian jobs near you.

3. Benefits the Local Community

Sustainable businesses get a lot of benefits from the local community and the government because of their “green” initiative. The act of adding a solar panel system to your home or business can make a significant impact on the community by using this renewable energy resource. Businesses that can develop their product while taking nothing away from the plant is an incredible feat appreciated by the local government and communities alike.

4. Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Auto manufacturers are shifting their production of cars from carbon fuel-based vehicles to electric vehicles (EV). This means that the gas stations we see today will be replaced off by EV charging stations. Solar energy will be a critical component to ensuring that those charging stations will have the electricity needed to charge these vehicles. This shift towards EVs will mean that we are shifting away from using non-renewable resources like fossil fuels to a renewable resource – solar power systems.

Generate Your Own Electricity

You no longer need to rely on the grid for your electricity needs. By installing a solar powered system you can be free from depending upon the electricity provider and their escalating rates. If you get a solar powered system paired with the battery then your dependence on the grid becomes completely zero and you can generate and consumer the power you make from your very own Solar powered system.

We have seen that these benefits exist across utility-scale, business, or home. The impact of solar energy goes far beyond lowering your electricity bills or promoting sustainability and these are some of the reasons that explore these profound benefits of installing a solar powered system.

The impact of grid-tied solar goes far beyond lowering your electricity bills, tax credits, or reducing your carbon footprint. They help significantly to improve the local economy, and to benefit the grid in undervalued ways. If you are considering solar for your home or business, you will make an undeniable impact by going solar. Give us a call for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you!

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