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Do Solar Panels Cause Roof Leaks

You are contemplating the idea of installing solar panels for your energy needs or maybe have already gone solar for your property owing to their increasing popularity for economical energy supply. More people over the last two decades are accessing the promising energy solution of solar power, for its cost-effectiveness. One common concern during solar installation risk assessment that most people are faced with though, is roof leaks after the solar panels are installed.

Roof leaks are not common if you choose to get solar installed by certified and experienced professionals. It mainly happens because making holes is required to mount the solar panels with bolts on the roof, as also tiles might need to be replaced if solar panels are being installed on a tiled roof, causing gaps for leakage to occur.

The risk of roof leaks can, however, be prevented by taking care of some important points discussed below:

Ways to prevent roof- leaks after solar installation

  • Sealing all holes

So we know that holes need to be drilled on the roof to fix the brackets to set the panels on. These holes must be sealed completely with industrial-grade sealants to prevent any leakage.

  • Covering all gaps

For solar installation on tiled roofs, the installers may have to move some tiles and replace them to fit the panels in the planned arrays. Installers who are experienced and licensed to do the job, are able to gauge when first inspecting your roof, how many tiles approximately would be required to replace at the time of installation.

Utmost care is taken by them to cover all gaps thereafter to prevent any possible leak spots.

  • Precautions for a tin roof

Improper sealing after installing solar panels on a tin roof could lead the metal to corrode over time, thus causing leaks in the future. High-quality sealants must be used as also rubber pieces to serve as barriers where the metals need to touch each other in order to prevent corrosion and thus any leakage.

  • Ask questions

At the time that you are assessing the cost and quality of solar panel systems from various companies, you can also discuss with them their installation practices and the products they will use. You want to make certain that you are buying a high-quality system and you don’t want to compromise on the installation to deal with risks like roof leaks later on. Choosing professionally qualified and experienced people to install solar for you will ensure the smooth functioning of the system for years.

  • Regular monitoring

Once you have the solar installed, do take care to check your system and your roof regularly to catch any signs of leakage early on to reduce the chances of damage from water leakage.


While every company attempts to do a professional job, however assuring that you hire licensed, certified installers to set up your system will eradicate the risk of leakage and any loss of money going further. You could search about the credibility of the company and their proven successes with other clients i.e. online reviews. Their license would be canceled should the installation fall below the compliance standards. Thus taking professional assistance from licensed installers is advised.

We at SunMate Solar only hire CEC-accredited installers to carry out the installation jobs.

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