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Installing solar panels on the roof of your home in Australia has never been as accessible and affordable as it is now and is a perfect solution whether you’re hoping to decrease your home’s carbon footprint or if you are looking to take advantage of a federal solar tax credit.

The use of solar panels in place of traditional sources of electricity through non-renewable resources has proven to reduce carbon emissions by an amount that would equal burning 5,000 pounds of coal every year. What’s more is that solar power is derived from an abundant, free source. The installation of a solar power system not only works towards reducing your carbon footprint significantly, but many homeowners see a dramatic reduction in their quarterly electricity bills too.

In spite of all these wonderful, tangible benefits that installing solar panels can have, there is a common concern that many homeowners have about taking this step. It is quite common for many homeowners to be concerned about the responsibility of maintaining this amazing technology and whether the installation of solar panels on your roof can damage your roof.

First, let us acknowledge the most common lingering concern that most homeowners have- Will the installation of solar panels cause damage to the roof of my home? The simple answer to this question is that for most homeowners, as long as your solar panels are properly installed, they shouldn’t cause any damage to the exterior or the infrastructure of your roof. Make sure that the installer who does the job is a qualified licensed professional and that your roof is in good condition. By ensuring that a CEC accredited licensed professional installs the solar panels on the roof of your home, the integrity of your roof will not be affected.

In order to install the solar panels on the roof of your home, the solar installer generally drills holes into the roof to anchor and mount the panels securely. These large holes are for lag bolts, which are strong enough to keep solar panels in place and are made to withstand various weather conditions for many years to come. You do not need to worry about the installer drilling holes on your roof, just make sure that the installer doing the job is a licensed professional who will make sure to do a proper job to help avoid any future leaks or hassles

The process of installing the solar panels on your roof first requires the solar panels to be attached, after which the lag bolts are covered with flashing to protect your roof. Flashing is a thin roll of moisture-resistant metal or plastic that helps close off this hole and seals out moisture, wind and the elements. It directs water away from the location so you don’t have to worry about solar panels letting moisture seep into your roof.

Many homeowners are hesitant about going through with the process of installing solar panels because of their concern about harming the infrastructure of their roof in the process of installation.

This is a reasonable concern that many homeowners have because in case the integrity of the roof is tampered with during the solar installation and the roof requires repairs only a few years after the installation, the panels will need to be removed, the roof repaired and the panels reinstalled, adding to the costs of having a roof repaired or replaced.

It can be noted that without solar panels, the lifespan of a roof depends a great deal on what kind of material the shingles are made from. Generally a roof is expected to last for many years to come especially if it is made from sturdier material. The question now arises whether solar panels make your roof last longer or if they contribute towards causing harm to the integrity and infrastructure of your roof. In short, the answer to this question of whether solar panels aid in making your roof last longer is a resounding yes! Solar panels act as an excellent protectant for your roof, acting as a barrier in a way which can actually help to extend the life of your roof.

To elaborate, one of the key factors that cause the deterioration of your roof are the harmful rays from the sun. Solar panels can protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays by acting as a barriers between the roof and the sun. The solar panels absorb sunlight that otherwise would be absorbed directly by your roof, sun bleaching them and drying them out.

Additionally, air flows between the panels and the roof, cooling the roof considerably. The solar panels act like a shade tree, reducing the temperature inside the house by as much as 35 percent because the shingles aren’t absorbing the sunlight and also keeping the roof safer from falling debris.

Not only do solar panels work as an excellent barrier but installing solar panels on the roof of your home also protects it from harsh weather conditions and its effects like snow, ice and hail that normally can cause great deal of damage to a roof. The barrier and the protection provided by the solar panels can aid in making your roof last longer as well.

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