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Can solar help me when camping?

Yes, solar can be your best friend on a camping escapade. We Aussies love to be outdoors, in the sun, on camping adventures. And why not! Australia is a country rich in vast open areas and wilds that we love to explore with caravanning and camping.

There are over 700 national parks and over 2000 tourist parks in the country which offer overnight camping. So camping is one of our most loved holiday activities to unwind and relax. As we travel and go on camping adventures we can leave life’s burdens behind and chill.

As all travels do, camping needs preparation too.

Access to electricity becomes a challenge for those who are going to be traveling away from home for some days.

Several years ago, before the rise of solar, people used fuel-powered generators on campsites, to power appliances like kettles, flashlights, stoves, etc. in their campervans. But these generators are cumbersome, and noisy and release harmful and unpleasant fumes.

Campers these days do not have to go through this though. Modern solar energy can conveniently supply ample electricity to power camping equipment like lanterns, cooking stoves, kettles, etc.

Solar panels in Queensland for campervans are very lightweight and can be very easily traveled with. They will support the GPS, radios, smartphones, laptops, cooking devices, flashlights etc.

Benefits of a solar system for campers


Solar power never fails you. It is extremely dependable. Owning a set of the best quality portable solar panels in Australia which have a high-efficiency rating, will make your camping experience extremely enjoyable as solar takes care of your power needs efficiently even on a rainy or winter day.

2) Eco-friendly

Generators that usually work on gasoline emit harmful smoke. On the other hand, the best solar systems in Australia are a source of clean energy. Many camping parks in Australia restrict the use of generators but welcome solar users.

3) Cost-efficient

When you think of buying solar for camping your first thought is the initial high cost. But think of all the free energy you will get to use after the purchase. Sure, the initial cost will be way higher than buying a generator. But a generator also needs fuel to run which is very expensive. You need to keep refueling everytime you want power. Maintaining a generator is expensive while maintaining solar panels is free. They are robust and can endure tough conditions.

4) Emergency power

With generators, once the fuel ends power is gone. But with solar panels, if you add a battery, you can store excess power for emergency use during camping like charging phones, flashlights, etc.

5) No noise pollution

Unlike generators which are very noisy, solar power gives you and your fellow campers a peaceful camping environment. After all, peace is what you go camping for, don’t you?

6) Portable power

Because solar panels in Queensland are so easy to travel with, you can charge any electronic device anywhere you want.


Camping is an activity you go for, to unplug from mundane life and enjoy some peace away from home. Solar can elevate your camping experience by taking care of all your power needs as you are on the go.

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