We at SunMate Solar always encourage our customers to be well informed before making a decision about which brands to invest your money in. We use our combined years of experience in the solar industry and all the feedback we have received from hundreds of solar professionals and have put together a list of the best quality and most popular solar panels available in Australia from the world’s leading manufacturers.

As highlighted in our guide to choosing a quality and efficient solar panel, when it comes to selecting panels, higher cost panels from the leading manufacturers generally offer better quality, higher efficiency and increased reliability. Solar panels from the manufacturers listed below have proven to out-perform and outlast most of the cheaper solar panel options out there with many of the lesser-known ‘cheap’ manufacturers who end up failing to honour warranties, going bankrupt or being de-listed from the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved solar panels.

If you are a newbie to the world of Solar, this article will help guide you step by step to what factors you need to consider when purchasing a system for your home.

Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

Here is our shortlist of the best quality and most reliable panel manufacturers available in the Australian market based on the company history, the quality of the panels in terms of their reliability, their performance, their company service in relation to the warranties, and feedback from solar industry professionals.

Power output or wattage is an important factor to consider when comparing solar panel options. You may have observed solar ads promoting their system with “370W” panels recommending other wattage panels depending on the requirement and the space available on your roof. You may have also observed while reading a quote from a solar installer numbers like 245W, 300W, or 345W next to the name of the panel. They are all referring to a solar panel’s wattage, capacity and power output.

All solar panels are rated by the amount of DC (direct current) power they produce under standard test conditions. Solar panel output is expressed in units of watts (W) and represents the panel’s theoretical power production under ideal sunlight and temperature conditions. Most home solar panels on the market today have power output ratings ranging from 330 to 450 watts, with higher power ratings generally considered preferable to lower power ratings. Pricing in solar is typically measured in dollars per watt ($/W), and the total wattage of your solar panels plays a significant part in the overall cost of your solar system.

After a series of surveys and through quality feedback from customers, we have ranked some of the best panels available in the market at the moment.

  • LG
  • REC

Best Value Solar Panel Manufacturers

Based on feedback from solar professionals, below is our list of the best ‘value’ solar panel manufacturers available in Australia. With a long history in research and development, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar and Canadian Solar are some of the oldest and best-known manufacturers, while LONGi Solar has more recently become the world’s largest manufacturer of mono-crystalline cells by volume.

  • Trina Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • Phono Solar
  • Suntech Power
  • Hyundai Solar
  • LONGi Solar
  • JA Solar
  • Risen panels

Trina Solar panels have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the most reviewed solar quotes website with genuine comments and feedback from real customers. Trina Solar is a Chinese company.

Trina Solar has 21 offices worldwide, including one in Sydney. They employ 13,000 worldwide, mostly in China. Trina is a reputable name in the solar panel manufacturing world. They produce quality tier 1 solar panels that are installed around the world and offer a 12 year product warranty and while there are other tier 1 manufacturers that offer a longer product warranty, Trina solar panels tend to be a lower cost option and are a great value for money option.

Jinko Solar is another large Chinese panel manufacturer with a good history of supporting Australian consumers and installers. This brand is another example of a cost effective panel brand which yields good value for money to its consumers. All the panels they currently sell in Australia are salt, mist and corrosion resistant and suitable for installation in any location. They carry a 12 year product warranty which is standard for the industry. Jinko Solar has an Australian office that gives you direct access to the manufacturer in case of any issues with the panels’ performance.

Longi is another giant Chinese solar company. They not onlu manufacture panels but also manufacture their own monosilicon. They started selling in earnest in Australia in 2017, so they don’t quite have the Australian track record of Jinko and Trina, but they have been extremely impressive so far based on past feedback of their performance.

These three panel brands are considered the top three “value for money” brands which are sure to perform efficiently and get you started on your savings without a hefty investment.