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Benefits of using solar energy when working from home

When covid-19 hit the world in 2019, most Australian companies provided a flexible work arrangement to their employees, and people were more than happy to seize the opportunity. The work-from-home culture prospered in Australia and in fact all over the world after the pandemic.

Many remote job positions are commonly available these days like SEO specialist, recruitment consultant, online tutor, software developer, etc. Many companies favour employing stay-at-home workers these days over office workers as it saves them administrative costs. No or seldom traveling to work works favourably for the employees as it saves them money and time.

Working remotely is becoming very common in Australia as more than half of the country works from home today. However, this change brings a challenge to home workers – High energy bills. When people stay working at home throughout the day their energy consumption increases as they use

  • Fans
  • Airconditioning
  • Microwaves
  • Kettles
  • Laptop chargers
  • Smartphones chargers
  • Lighting, etc.

The easy and smart answer to this problem is turning to solar. It will combat the rising electricity prices as well as bills. There are many reasons why people working from home should look into installing solar panels in Queensland:

Benefits of using solar power when working from home

1) Reduces power bills

When you stay working at home throughout the day, you need to use a variety of electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, cooling and heating devices, printers, etc. which increase power consumption and hence your electricity bills. By installing the best solar panels in Brisbane, Queensland, you can considerably reduce your energy bills for decades. The rising grid electricity prices won’t affect you anymore as you can increase your savings by using more solar power than grid electricity.

2) Cheaper

Most people worldwide can now afford solar without selling a kidney as solar prices have significantly declined over the years. It is renewable energy produced without deploying fuel sources that helps the economy as well.

3) Health

Solar is a bright choice. The covid-19 pandemic taught people about the importance of working from home as well as our well-being. Using natural resources like the sun’s energy for our power needs in place of fossil fuels like coal and other polluting sources is indeed a smart decision that thankfully most Australians agree with.

4) Increasing fossil fuel prices

Fossil fuels like oil, gas, coal, etc. were used for energy generation before the advent of solar. These resources are depleting and if we went on using them there won’t be any left for future generations. The shrinking of fossil fuels results in a continual increase in their prices. The only way to combat this is to turn to the renewable, natural resource of solar power. It does not harm the environment like fossil fuels do with harmful emissions and is way cheaper and more abundant than them.

5) Global warming

The issue of global warming can be controlled by limiting the use of fossil fuels. The pollution released into the environment by fossil fuel sources can be reduced by turning to solar energy.

6) Health costs reduced

Reduced air pollution saves the government on health costs (health insurance premiums go down).


The work-from-home culture is flourishing in Australia. Solar seems to be the smartest energy choice to make right now while the federal government’s tax credits are still kicking. This move will not only significantly bring down energy bills but also make the environment healthier for us and future generations.

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