As the Australian population recognizes the benefit of going solar, the average system size that is now being installed on the roofs across Australia is also growing. The Australian Energy Council’s quarterly solar report indicates an increase in the average solar PV system sizes installed across Australia. The size of small-scale residential solar systems is also getting bigger in Australia.

As small-scale solar power installations proliferate in Australia, also increasing along with it is the average system capacity. A report published by the Australian Energy Council (AEC) noted that the average capacity of small-scale solar PV systems (<100kW) reached a new peak of 8.86kW for installations in December 2020. Small-scale includes systems not only installed for households, but also for some commercial installations that may have smaller buildings/roofs.

It can also be observed through the installations recorded by the Australian Energy Council that December appears to have been the peak month for a significant jump in average installed solar system size over the last few years. This is followed by a significant fall in January and then usually rising back up over the year gradually.

Average PV system capacity

The general trend for the average solar system capacity is to grow bigger over the years. In terms of residential solar systems, the solar system capacity can become limited ultimately based on the available roof space. However, commercial solar installations and installations for homes with sufficient roof space are able to take up much bigger system sizes to help people save more.

The Australian Clean Energy Council figures indicate that the average system size for all small-scale solar PV installations that have occurred since 2001 is now over 5kW, with a 6.6kW system being the average solar PV system installed across Australia.

More than 2,767,311 sub-100kW PV systems had been installed across Australia for a collective total of more than 13,860,765kW capacity up to the end of March in 2021. Given an estimated population of 25,751,000, this works out to around 538 watts of small-scale solar systems installed per Australian.

As the awareness grows amongst the Australian population about the true benefits solar has to offer, tens of millions of solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of homes and businesses across Australia currently generating emissions-free energy and also drastically cutting down power bills for their owners.

According to the Australian Energy Council’s (AEC) quarterly Solar Report, the average solar system size for residential and small businesses has increased from 2.65 kW in January 2012 to a peak of 8.86 kW in December 2020.

If you’re on the brink of taking that final decision to go solar, then its time you do your research and make this useful investment sooner rather than later. The longer you put off getting solar panels installed, the longer you’re locking your household or business into electricity bills much higher than they could otherwise be as a result of the ever rising prices of electricity.

Putting off a solar installation due to indecision could translate to hundreds of dollars every month and over six months, thousands of dollars, going into the pockets of electricity retailers instead of staying in your own. Even if the cost of solar systems do go up significantly temporarily as they have over the part month, it will still be a solid investment and is sure to give you great returns

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