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Are Seraphim Solar Panels really Value for Money?

The installation of a solar power system is a great way to offset your electricity bills while lowering your carbon footprint at the same time. There are a wide range of options currently being sold in the Australian market which can make the process of choosing the right solar panel brand for your home daunting. This article aims to explore in thorough detail a popular “value for money” solar panel brand which is economically more accessible to a larger population and hey, if the product does the job for half the price, what’s there to complaint about? Seraphim serves worldwide customers with high-quality products and professional services. Seraphim Solar is a Chinese manufacturer of tier one panels with an industry leading 15 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. They are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them useful and suitable for installation even in coastal areas.

The most common solar modules manufactured and installed by Seraphim in Australia are the standard sized, 60 cell panels. Seraphim also produces “half-cut” and “shingle” cell solar panels for residential and commercial solar installations.

Seraphim Solar was established with an aim to develop a greener world through continuous solar innovation and encouraging renewable power. Their mission is backed by over 100 members of their research and development team and as a result of this research they have lodged over a 100 patents.

Seraphim is a solar panel distributor to more than 40 countries worldwide and has manufacturing plants located across the globe in China, South Africa, and Vietnam. Seraphim has a 5 GW solar module production capacity, placing them as a mid-tier manufacturer in the global market. Seraphim Solar Panel have a Bloomberg Tier 1 Ranking. Seraphim solar are also one of PV Evolution Labs Top Performers.

What is a Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Contradictory to popular belief, Bloomberg’s infamous tier 1 ranking is NOT a measure of Solar Panel quality in any way. It is simply an indication of the financial health and the bankability of the manufacturer based on publicly released information about the company. However, the tier one status of a solar panel is a favourable feature in a solar panel as it indicates whether the solar company is a large, well-known manufacturer of solar panels.

What does it mean to be PV Evolution Labs Top Performer?

It is important that all solar panels are tested under various conditions independently and under controlled situations to provide a better idea about the practical efficiency and performance of the solar panels. PV Evolution Labs with support from DNV GL independently test the reliability of solar panels. These tests are voluntary, with solar panel manufacturers paying to participate in the testing.

Most solar brands choose to undergo this testing process as it is internationally renowned and is an accurate reflection of the solar panel’s performance.

Seraphim Solar Panels are currently ranked in the PV Evolution Labs Top Performers across 4 of the 6 annual tests in the latest report.

The importance of physical presence of the solar panel brand

Most solar panel manufacturers entering the Australian market first set up their distribution channels and do not prioritise after installation service. This holds true for a large number of solar panel distributors leading to many unhappy customers who are left trying to contact Chinese head offices to claim on their product warranty. Seraphim has outsourced the warranty claim service to SAE Group, who are a Solar Installer based in Tweed Heads New South Wales.

It is very important to choose high quality solar brands of reputed companies when choosing a solar system for your home as any lapse in one product can adversely affect the working and returns from the solar system. If you are looking for a good “value for money option” then Seraphim solar panels are a great option. Contact SunMate Solar today for a free quote and get started on your savings!