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Risen Energy (Australia) has been supplying solar PV panels in the Australian retail market since 2008 and has established a reputable presence with a long-term goal of funding, constructing and operating commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 and converted from being a producer into a solar panel manufacturer in 2002. The company was listed as a Chinese public company in 2010 and is currently trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. While experiencing growth, Risen Energy has maintained a debt ratio of 60% over the last decade and is considered profitable and reliable for large-scale solar projects.

In order to develop a level of trust with the customer, it is necessary for an overseas company to establish a physical location so they can be reached by the local customers of the country they wish to sell their products to. In other words, customer service is considered one of the biggest factors that can either make or break the level of success a company can achieve. Most solar panel manufacturers entering the Australian market overlook this important detail which consequently leads to their downfall. A lot of these manufacturers tend to focus more on first setting up their distribution channels and tend to worry about customer service later. This has led to many unhappy customers who are left trying to contact Chinese head offices to claim on their 10-year product warranty which can be a very tedious experience for the customer discouraging any future business from them.

Relying on the solar installer in such cases is not always an option as we’ve seen many residential solar installers (including the large ones) go out of business well within the lifetime of the systems they are installing. Risen Solar Technology currently has offices located in Melbourne and Brisbane to combat this issue and to put their potential customers at ease.

Risen Energy is also participating in a number of projects outside of just the retail market demand. Solar manufacturer and developer Risen Energy has formally signalled its intention to construct a small solar farm in North Wagga, New South Wales as a part of this initiative.

Risen Energy Australia’s proposed small utility-scale project development site is at 59 Hillary Street; around 3.5 kilometres from Wagga Wagga’s city centre. The total project area is approximately 34.6 hectares, with a development footprint of around 17 hectares that will host up to 5MW of solar.

Risen Energy Australia has also announced that they intend to commence construction around the middle of next year and will finish the project within 10-12 months time. This project is not only a great initiative to bring their company brand to the forefront but the Australian economy is also predicted to gain a lot through this initiative. According to Risen Energy Australia, the construction phase will support approximately 30 direct jobs, and one full time equivalent position during its operational life of 30 years.

More about Risen Solar Panel Technologies

Two series of panels are currently being sold by Risen Energy in Australia. These two series of panel models include the Standard Half Cut and Fuel Cells Panels and also the Jäger Plus Series which is Mono Facial and Bi Facial. The performance and output of these panels is quite impressive and are very close to the maximum efficiencies of even premium brands which cost 4-5 times the price. Risen Energy can produce panels with efficiencies of up to 20.2% (Risen Jäger Plus) which is only 2% less than a premium brand like LG. They offer a 15-year product warranty on all their panels that covers them in case they fail due to a fault in manufacturing.

Risen Energy has worked to provide value for money products to the Australian market. Their standard level split cell solar modules present a cost effective solution to the Australian market. This model is a split cell polycrystalline design with a 5-busbar cell connection. The traditional white EVA substrate (back sheet) ensures the rear of the module is protected from imposing environmental elements that will ensure cooler operating conditions.

In conclusion, Risen Energy Australia is one of the higher quality Chinese manufacturers. Their independent testing has proved that their panels can perform extremely well even in harsh conditions. This company also gains their reputation with an above average product warranty of 15 years backing them up. Risen panels are therefore a reliable and cost-effective panel brand and offer a competitive value for money product.

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