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As the savings that come with installing a solar power system become more apparent, solar panels have become more prominent on roofs across Australia. However, one of the biggest problems with solar panels is that they only produce electricity when there’s light outside. Solar panels require direct sunlight in order for them to generate electricity, so once the sun sets you have to rely on the power grid for your energy needs. This creates an unfavourable situations for homeowners who wish to benefit from the installation of solar panels but are unable to because they are out of the house during the day for work/school, thus limiting the use you are able to get out of the installation of solar panels. The weather can also limit the production of your solar power system on overcast days, causing your home to have to depend on the grid for your energy needs in spite of having reasonable solar production during other hours of the day when it is not as cloudy. With the use of a solar battery, the energy generated by the solar panels and which is not used at the time of its production can be stored for later use. This stored energy can be used at night or on those partly cloudy days without having to depend on the power grid for your electricity needs. A solar battery when paired with your solar panels can almost guarantee zero bills every quarter!

Installing a solar battery along with your solar power system gives you the benefit to store energy produced by your solar panels throughout the day and allows you to be less dependent on the grid for additional power. Places that experience frequent power cuts or have a poor energy infrastructure, solar batteries along with solar power systems can help against the consequences of poor grid management. Installing a solar battery is a great solution for those who are looking to go off the grid and become completely energy independent.


Better for the Environment

Traditional sources of on-grid electricity is generated through non-renewable resources like coal plants and other fossil fuels. By storing your energy generated by your solar panels, you can avoid using the grid at all for your power needs. A solar power system installed with a solar battery will continue to use fewer resources throughout the year while producing little to no waste and pollution. Because of advances made in the solar industry, solar panels create less pollution than fossil fuels during their comparative lifetime uses.

Solar panels along with solar batteries not only prevent air pollution, but also provide a quieter source of energy and backup power as compared to traditional generators dependant on fossil fuels to power them. Generators generally tend to be noisy and nobody wants to have to deal with the roar of a generator as it coughs to life. Even a gentle hum can be disturbing for those who are noise sensitive. Unlike noisy generators run by fossil fuels, solar batteries are silent. You don’t have to worry about trying to sleep at night or annoying the neighbours whenever you require your stored energy or back up power during power cuts. A solar battery along with a solar power system provides all the benefits of instant electricity with none of the local pollution—both noise and air—produced by a generator. You also don’t have to store flammable or explosive fuel at your home, so you can enjoy your home and breathe easier—literally and figuratively.

With the help of solar batteries, you are ensured much lower electricity bills as you can depend solely on the power you generate. Many locations across Australia have made it mandatory for the electric utility to buy back any excess energy that is generated by the homeowner or business’ solar power system. While this does prove to be an incentive and results in a lower electric bill, using a solar storage solution like a solar battery also results in a reduction of your energy bill because you consume less energy from the grid. Generally, the buyback is less than what the energy is sold for, so the return on investment is higher with a solar battery paired with a solar power system.

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